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Handmade Arcade_McCoys Arcade_Fore Street_Exeter_EX4 3AN

Handmade Arcade is held under the roof of Exeters friendly and eclectic McCoys Arcade, home to a host of interesting and unique independent traders, including the world famous Mansons Guitar shop, OMG comics, Bunyip beads and buttons, No Guts No Glory, Hair'em Scare'em and of course McCoys Vintage Clothing and cafe!

You can find McCoys Arcade in the whimsical West Quarter, a rich and dynamic area full of history and colourful characters as well as a few surprises!
With views towards the surrounding rolling countryside and a medley of independent shops the west quarter has a real feeling of times gone by combined with the modern and contemporary. 
A history of traditional craftsmanship that has long been ingrained in the atmosphere of West Quarter. Many galleries and shops reflect this feeling of the handmade; celebrating hand based production methods, up-cycling, re-cycling and specialist as opposed to mass reproduction, and clone stores.
The area relies on the genuine passions of individuals who truly make the arts  quarter unique!

From Otto Retro, full of affordable vintage homewares and gorgeously re-upholstered furniture, to the contemporary Bike Shed Theatre – a must for one of a kind nights out. We could harp on forever about the wonders of Fore Street, as we are constantly surprised by its treasures! Luckily for you we'll be sharing our thoughts and findings in the Fore Street Blog and Zine! So keep your eyes peeled and pop into the NGNG shop for suggestions of some great places to visit in the area!

See you there!

Nathan and Hayley

Photo Credit: Sarunas Gir


  1. I'll be there with my purse, sounds fab!I really hope its a success its a great idea! I've shared it on face bk as a public event.good luck.
    from mel(beccas mum)

  2. Hi Mel, That's great - we really look forward to seeing you there! You will get to see the new look to the NGNG shop, it seems like ages ago we built all the first fittings in your Garage!

  3. Hi Mel - We just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for the Rocky Roads! They we're lovely and we raised enough from donations to buy the ingredients for next month's cakes! So you can be happy that you've started something good for us! Thanks also for coming down and supporting us on the day - hopefully see you on Saturday 5th May for the next one! Nath & Hayley x