Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Handmade Arcade 7!

Thanks to all of you who came down to hang out with us for Handmade Arcade 7! We had a super day and were totally stoked to see the Arcade positively brimming all day with lots of activity, we had a great day filled with D.I.Y arts, crafty people, vegan cakes and a whole lot of great music from some very talented musical folk who came to play with us :)

The Arcade was so busy that we barely had time to grab these snapshopts!  - as always please check out the links within to see what the Handmade Arcaders are up to :) and let us know if you saw anything you'd like to get your hands on :) Most of the regular Handmade Arcaders will be back for our Handmade Arcade/ No Guts No Glory Birthday Special and Christmas dates so come on down say hello and pick up some unique and wonderful Christmas gifts while you're at it!

Ella Howard and Rosie Harbottle filled a table with their beautiful illustrations, prints, cards and handmade collars. Ella makes her bunting to order and can personalise it in any way - Ella is a dear friend of No Guts No Glory and will be at future Handmade Arcade events, but if you miss her there and would like some bunting let us know :) Also keep a look out for Rosie's ship-shape illustrations which will be sailing into the NGNG shop soon.

Thanks to Rosie Eade who came to fill the Arcade with her beautiful voice! We feel really lucky to have such an abundance of talented people on our doorstep - if you'd like to come and serenade us then please get in touch :) please only get in touch however if you're music is suitable for a crowd of lovely smiley people - ie; no tear jerkers or anger issues please :)

It was great to see the lovely Abi and Leon from The Spirit Forge and their Clay scarabs, they will be about at The NGNG Birthday Bash/Handmade Arcade 8! So be sure to come and ask them about what they do - it's very fascinating!

Katie and friends from Nightstop Devon our neighbours in McCoys Arcade had some really wonderful photography on cards, wooly scarves all to raise awareness for the Nightstop project! They work with volunteer hosts and young people who find themselves in a tricky spot without shelter and work to provide safe emergency overnight accomodation for young people between the ages of 16 and 25, In the year between April 2010- March 2011 Nightstop:
  • Received a total of 671 referrals
  • Arranged 544 Nightstop placements
  • Had 171 young people referred to the service
  • Had 40 16-17 year olds referred to the service
  • Enabled over 35 young people to return home to their families
  • Supported over 100 young people to secure more permanent accommodation

If you'd like to volunteer for this project please have a little read of the information on their website - I'm sure they'd love to hear from you!

Busy busy busy-ness! ... YAY!

The wonderful Maz Totterdell, a welcome newcomer to the Handmade community, we really enjoyed her music - keep an eye on her site for news of upcoming gigs and hopefully she'll swing back to the Arcade sometime to play to us again :)

Exeter Local Records launched the new and regular distro at Handmade Arcade this month - you will be able to catch up with Tom and his table top music shop - at EVERY Handmade Arcade!Tom has got together will all the local folk to offer a vast array of music, come and chat to Tom and he can recommend something new for your ears! If you'd like him to sell your music drop him a line or pop down for a chat at Handmade Arcade 8! 

It was great to meet new Handmade Arcader Maddy Pethick AKA The Peanut - whose Journals, notebooks and other re-loved book crafts I could get lost in for hours - a lot of them reminded me of my Mums crafty mags I'd look through in awe whilst struggling with threads and thumbs attempting the latest macrame pattern! Her work is inspirational as she urges people to look at writing - journaling and documenting in a different way! I can't wait for more chats with the lovely Maddy - She'll be back with us on the 15th December for a "Make Your Christmas Handmade Arcade!" event! 

This month I asked our talented glass-maker Madeline which of the shiny shiny beads and suchlike things she makes was her favourite, she chose these detailed universe beads which to me look like a cross between a lost galaxy and a rock-pool! You can always catch Madeline at Handmade Arcade :)

Elliot and the guys from Jonny Found A Raygun came to play, their uplifting playful energy really brought the Arcade to life! Aww thanks guys! Hope to see you again soon!

  The band had lofty demands - a rider that consisted of Strawberry Yazoo and McCoys crisps :P 

This month the bearded adventurer explorer Adrian Stone dropped by with his Zoltan Friendly Mundane Movie posters - he spent the day eating bagels and chatting excitedly about Sailors, we hope he joins us at future events - thanks for coming down dude!

 Barry John joined us with his handmade hand painted sugarskulls - we'll be seeing him again soon with his brightly coloured calavera.

A doodling Frances Matteson and her table of treasures

Frances Matteson Illustration - Cards and prints that filled a stall - My, what creative neighbours we have in this fair city!  Thanks to the ever so sunny Frances for coming down on the day. She'll be back in the winter time too :)

Suzannah Moss makes these great Luck Dragon backbacks for children, I kinda want one big enough to fit a few few books into - so soft - and perfect for your little critters.

We got the most beautiful print from James Dean AKA Deano Robotic for our home, Hopefully we'll get a few into the NGNG shop for all of you who missed him this time - more of his prints can be found on his blog.

We also wanted to mention that the Fore Street Collective is now gaining momentum and I wanted to say a big thank you to our neighbours in the West Quarter as well as to all the other lovely independent businesses that have embraced Handmade Arcade and supported it by spreading word of the event! It's great to see that Exeter has such a thriving Independent Community!

The next Handmade Arcade is on Saturday 3rd November, and marks No Guts No Glory's 3rd Birthday! We've been busy planning things to celebrate this rather special day, it's amazing that the project has got this far and it's thanks to everyone's support that is has :) Rumour has it that the mighty Jack Teagle and Sandra Dieckmann will be joining us for the celebrations as well as local film makers and artists! 

Remember that in December Handmade Arcade goes weekly, here's a little list of the dates for your upcoming events, if you'd like to apply for a stall, get in quick - we're almost totally filled up!

Saturday 3rd November
Saturday 1st December
Saturday 8th December
Saturday 15th December
Saturday 22nd December

Be sure to add these to your diary, and come on down to hang out with us!
The Arcade now has it's very own free cinema too, so it's the perfect place for a cosy rainy afternoon - just sayin' :) 

See you soon,

Hayles x

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