Friday, 26 October 2012

The Doodle On Our Door Timeline Competition!

We've got a whole host of amazing treats and giveaways in store for Handmade Arcade - but if life was as easy as getting a bunch of free stuff all the time we'd probably all be pretty bored and boring and so we're asking for you talented bunch of lovely people, supporters of the mighty No Guts No Glory and lovers of Handmade Arcade to come and show us what you can do in the form of a little prize draw off!

We're inviting you to come and decorate in McCoys Arcade.... we have a door - we found it....

...... it's wooden and could definitely do with some colour - we've got a bunch of brushes some bright paint, some pens and bits and bobs. And as it's a prize draw we have some very wonderful prizes in the form of some awesome prints from our brilliant guest artists!

Sandra Dieckmann - an incredible artist that we've had the pleasure of getting to know over the past few years, Sandra was recently involved in "The White Canvas project' by Supremebeing - here's a little profile video of the lovely lady herself :)

White Canvas Project - Profile of Sandra Dieckmann from Supremebeing Ltd on Vimeo.

We'll also be spending time with the brilliant Jack Teagle - I can't wait to have a look at the wrestling figures Jack's been making. Jack never fails to make us smile and it's always so great to find out what he's been up to we found a little video of him painting for Evisu, take a peek and come visit him on the day :)

The competition will consist of a timed round draw - You'll have just 3 minutes to draw your own version of one of the brilliant designs that have graced the rails at No Guts No Glory - these will be randomly selected by our judges for the day the brilliant Jack Teagle and lovely Sandra Dieckmann who will be starting the draw off with their own creations :)

The fun starts at 11am so reach into your imaginations get those phalanges in gear and doodle on our door! Judging will be at 4pm and the winners will recieve a bevvy of great NGNG bits n bobs!

Shake a leg, bring a friend and come find us on the 3rd November 2012 from 10 - 5 in the undercover land of doing it yourself that is McCoy's Arcade!

See you there,

Hayles & Nath

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