Monday, 6 August 2012

Handmade Arcade #5

Handmade Arcade is already in it's fifth month, strange how the time has flown yet been so marked by the passing months events, we started this project after a lenghthy conversation on a train journey a few months ago, with the sole intention of extending the shop to give an outlet for all the people we meet whose work we haven't room to display within the little cave that is No Guts No Glory! Uniting Exeters creative community, and bringing life to the unique corner that is the West Quarter. We live and work on this street and are constantly inspired by the bunch of characters around us that just seems to grow - with shops like Good Golly Miss Molly and this weeks opening of Velveteen within the cover of the Arcade, creative ventures seem to be cropping up everywhere and this makes us feel good and so fortunate to live in a place surrounded by such passionate friendly people! The neighbourhood are coming together in the form of "The Fore Street Collective" a call to arms and forum for locals and traders, there is talk of more events in the area soon! Watch this space Fore Street Fans!

Next Month at Handmade Arcade....

- More Lemonade and Vegan cupcakes to tantalise your tastebuds
- Music from Great Local Bands
- Make your own Instrument Session
- DIY Demonstrations
and of couse a plethora of locally made planet friendly things to browse and buy direct from the maker!

This month's Handmade Arcade was a fantastic display of local talent and we met heaps new amazing people who came to hang tough with us for the day as well as catching up with you regular folk who pop by and see us every month!

Nath got busy with his camera and took some lovely snaps of the day here's a peek...

Autumn Jitters fantastic notebooks.. see more on her Etsy!

 Claire Close had lots of colourful prints of boats and locally inspired things
 Louise Brown and her Box-Tales were really something quite special.

 Was great to see Ben Wright once more - a true regular Handmade Arcader!

The Common Goals stall was once again raising money for various charities! 

Helen Drever is the maker of peg dolls from The Sinister Edge Of Whimsy!

 Ella Howard looking gorgeous in a fantastic NGNG Tee!

Jamie Gould played us some great tunes!

 Jasper Jillings, played a fantastic set on his drums - inspired by Animal from the Muppets..

Me: So .. what inspired you to start playing at the age of six Jasper?
Jasper: (After careful consideration) ummm I like Noise.

 Kay Stanley getting busy painting nails! She'll be back next time around.. her designs include clouds and lots of bright colours!

 Little Owl Crafts came along with her spinning wheel and fantastically hand dyed range of yarns!

 Emily and Alex from The Big V, doing there thing - which was done very well - and they will be back next time we hope!

 Madeline Bunyan's amazing glasswork!

 Rory Potts played us some tunes..

 Sarah Blackmore's handmade creatures with lots of personality!

 Simon Hodgekiss had some astounding photography!

 The Spirit Forge make gorgeous Wiccan inspired jewellery!

We also welcomed the arrival of beautiful boutique Velveteen into McCoys Arcade. Steampunk inspired clothing, jewellery and more. The store was so so busy all day and you can clearly see the effort and dedication the lovely John and Julie have put into making the shop unique - it's worth coming down just to check out the giant crow headed figure thats been lurking in the Arcade since they arrived :)

Next week will see Exeter's first ever Great Create! from 10.30 until 1.30pm - come at crafty for charity in McCoys Arcade!

Hope to see you soon! Get in touch if you're feeling creative..


Hayles xx

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