Thursday, 6 September 2012

NGNG Handmade Arcade PLUS a host of Local Goodness!

 Wow what an incredible amount of things I have to share...

First off..

Thanks to all people who came down last weekend for the awesomeness that is the No Guts No Glory Handmade Arcade! Twas mighty jolly to see you all!

We were joined by friends old and new for a wonderful day of making doing and indeed seeing. Accompanied by gorgeous music by the likes of the wonderful Simon and Rhys who dazzled us with their wonderful locks whilst taking the roof off with their very mighty vocal chords!

I've been massively excited the past few days - too excited to sleep even - I've had to tire myself out by jogging marathons and reading super long and sleep inducing books (mainly Wilbur Smith ones that Nath lends me) This hasn't exactly worked as it would appear I'm a major mosquito magnet especially as the time I usually run is their most active time of day - and suffering from the swollen joys of "Skeeter Syndrome" - A groovy name with shocking realities, I currently have grown an extra calf muscle onto the one which I already own... shame I'm not competing for the strongest woman this year - I think I'd scare away my competitors with my swollen fake muscle abnormalities.. Apple Cider Vinegar is my top tip for al you Skeeter sufferers (this stuff actually helps in pretty much all situations even helps remove paint from clothing!)

My excitement stems from a few places, I mainly credit the sunshine - this holy catalyst that gets everything growing, but also the wealth of AMAZING and wonderful things that happen in this street and in this town - there are new places to go and shake your self like a crested grebe (look it up it's incredible) and if you don't feel like you want to be seen strutting your plumage you can even go Dancing In The Dark! Yes thats right people - a place you can be free and dance like nobody's watching - cos they can't - it's Dark! Ha! This could indeed be the perfect therapy - and if you wanna be seen - you can wear lights! - if you're game then come join at the Phoenix this eve from 7pm - 8pm! For the No Lights No Lycra spectacular! The perfect antidote to those stand still dancing blues.

We've also been super productive in the No Guts No Glory shop! There's loads of new and awesome books from Microcosm Publishing, Blank Slate and possibly the best ever NGNG Collaboration by the legendry hand of Dan Bowden! Such a beautiful design - "To the waves" will be available in the NGNG shop and online soon it's currently being printed onto super soft organic tees and jumpers by our favourite screen printers at the Get-A-Grip Studio! PRE-ORDER HERE

There's a host of awesome exhibitions in the area The Young Artists Club have a great exhibition of photography, illustration and paintings at the Grapevine in Exmouth - if you are lucky enough to be by the seaside in this weather then pop in to this little pub for a gander !

The Spacex Galllery our neighbors in the lovely and creative West Quarter have a brilliant exhibition from Michael Samuels, This Was Tomorrow is well worth a peek at and it's also en route to another NEW VENUE to hit the Exeter scene... over the road and down the cobbled hill that leads to the quay you will find The Revelry ... which I had only but taken the time to peek in the door until one sunny eve last week .
Sunning ourselves in the blissfull sun down by the quayside enjoying a lovely glass of wine until the warmth of the sun had all but gone! On our route homewards we were enticed by sounds of music creeping over the cobbles and wandered in to have a good old boogie to a live band who thankfully appreciated our exaggerated dancing efforts! We then headed to the reliably great Bike Shed Theatre for the end of the Rockabilly night! Hooray for good things to do in town! :)

I'm also getting quite happy (massively excited) about this coming Sunday! When No Guts No Glory and friends will be participating in the brilliant Velo Vintage! A bicycle ride along the Exe Estuary, A chance to cycle, converse and dress with style! Rumor has it No Guts No Glory's very own Nathan Blaker will be donning a tweed suit - we shall see! Come on down and bear witness to a truly splendid affair!

Below are some snaps of the scrummy things that adorned McCoys Arcade at the last Handmade Arcade! If you like anything you see and want to snap it up yourself just email and I can pop you in touch directly with the person who crafted it!

The next Handmade Arcade is on October 6th... it's already looking pretty busy! Give me an email and send some pictures of your handmade arts if you would like to be considered for a stall - Handmade Arcade is an Independent Art Fair and we are constantly seeking illustrators and makers of unusual or up-cycled crafts as well as jolly musicians and good time people to come down and show support! Don't be afraid to get in touch ... it's the mossy's that bite, not me...

Thanks for reading... I'm off to fashion a catapult for the pesky fat mossy thats creeping around the No Guts No Glory shop ceiling! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzippppp!

Our Beautiful Banner!

Nic from The Computers makes these ace purses by re-cycling juice cartons - we (try to) always have them in the No Guts No Glory shop! They go pretty quick if you'd like one send us an email or pop in!

The wonderful Heather Sturdy-Sherwood from Little Owl Crafts makes some pretty swell organic colourful yarn - self-dyed and spun by Heather herself!

Autumn Jitters awesome badges! Also available in the NGNG shop are Gemma's beautiful selection of prints and cards!

Barry John's awesome sculptures!

Photography by the great Simon Hodgkiss!

Madeline Bunyan's beaded beaut's!

Thank you Suzannah Moss for bringing your cards and crazy little dinosaur backpacks! 

Twas great to see the lovely smiling faces of Abi and Leon from The Spirit Forge

The work of Kat Jenkins! who works with pottery to create beautiful sculptures and jewells..

Not Pants - This is the work of Ella Howard! She takes commisions and can write anything on bunting in any colour! Email for more details!

Barry John enjoying a relaxing read - his book looked pretty amazing..

The wonderful work of Benjamin Smith - His cards have found their way into our little shop too!

See you on the street!

Until the next time,


No Guts No Glory

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