Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The No Guts No Glory Third Birthday Party!

This past Saturday under the cover of McCoys Arcade we were celebrating at the No Guts No Glory Third Birthday Party/Handmade Arcade! 'Twas an amazing celebration of independent art, music and community spirit!

We had such an incredible day surrounded by the wonderful people that have supported and nurtured the project from the very beginning as well as the people who have embraced the project throughout this amazing three year journey. We met many new faces and were blown away by the amount of people who came along!

Here are some snaps of a wonderful day in the life of No Guts No Glory! :)

Emily Jonstone of The Big V, started the day off tunefully with a little stall-side set next to her Daisy Chain Headbands!

The NGNG Prize Draw! A brilliant bundle of Jack Teagle goodness - including the actual screen used to print the Snakeman Tees and a one off Snakeman action figure made by Jack!

Mulled Wine!! 

'Twas a bustling buzzy day in the Arcade!

The colorful and lovely Jess McAllister, played us some beautiful tunes she wrote :) Jess will be back in the Arcade playing soon we hope!

Jack Teagle and Donya Todd filled a stall with a great selection of comics, zines and prints! 

We had an incredible array of stalls! Thanks to the Handmade Arcade community of artists and makers for bringing warmth and smiles to the arcade!

If there was a prize for the best dressed stall then these guys would have won it for sure - ever seen a dog wearing a cape? Meet Super Bilbo and his friends Sally and Steve! They brought with them brilliant posters for just £5! As well as a selection of vegan doggy and human treats, best in show earrings and pooch pins and brooches - wrapped in the most colourful stall the Arcade has ever seen! Thanks for coming guys - you rock!

Three years ago the brilliant Rory Matthews AKA Some Sort Of Threat played in the Arcade for NGNG's launch! We couldn't think of anyone better to begin the afternoon !

The doodle on our door timed draw was a huge hit! Here's some snaps of people doodling their version of an NGNG tee design in just 3 minutes, all for the chance to win a three print bundle from our guest artists - Jack Teagle, Donya Todd and Sandra Dieckmann!

Jack from Common Goals re-inventing the Winter Blues!

 Abigail Mckenzie's Mexican design was impressive!

Jack Teagle - you can see his design at the bottom of this post...!

Sandra Dieckmann had a doodle too!

And the winner is........ none other then Claire Close! A Handmade Arcader no less! Well done Claire

We were really excited to have Will Rene play for us! 

So many people!

A very sleepy team photo!

Jack Teagle drawing the raffle! The winner was the lovely Hazel Gibbons - Hurrah for Hazel!

Jamie Gould came down from Bath to share some of his folky acoustic songs -  we were most grateful that he did!

Giles from Great Cynics entertained the crowd with his energetic uplifting tunes!

The first ever local silent cinema 'PUNY GODS' put on a selection of short films throughout the day! Thanks David Salas and friends for bringing the silent cinema to the Arcade!

Well, there they all are - all our snaps of a great day!

Thanks so much to all who came to show your support, it means so much to us for so many people to make the trip down  and celebrate three years of independent art, D.I.Y spirit and NGNG Design with us!

Here's to the future!

Hayley and Nath xx

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