Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Handmade Arcade is back - 2nd March!!!! Call out for artists!

For those of you who showed up at McCoys Arcade last week to catch a snippet Exeter's indie Art culture and listen to some tunes - we're both sorry and thankful that you did!

Handmade Arcade has been on a little holiday - with all the amazing fairs we ran in December we thought wed take some time off to gain some momentum and reflect on a great year past! But now the wonderful fair that is Handmade Arcade is returning - back for good, in the heart of McCoys Arcade! The under cover art market will return! YAY!

So thanks to those of you who popped your heads in last weekend - it got us excited to think about Handmade Arcade's merry return to the West Quarter!

And so it's on people - Saturday 2nd March - pop it in your diaries and spread the word - this D.I.Y art fair is back! 10am to 5pm in McCoys Arcade - with arts and made things of wonder from a whole host of great local makers, friends and comrades in the quest to spread the word of local artists!

If you're a maker of indie arts - it could be that you just love sticking things together, making things from bits n pieces you find - you could be a small press maker or like painting twigs! Whatever it may be, send us an email and get in touch - we'd love to hear from you! :) Take a peek at our blog and the guidelines for makers for more information about the kind of things we will select!

WE'll also have heaps of new things in the NGNG shop! Including some exciting new tees from the brilliant Dan Bowden and the mighty Joel Millerchip -YES.

Happy Making!

See you on the 2nd March for cake, music and makeryness!

Hayles and Nath!

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