Saturday, 30 March 2013

Next Saturday is Handmade Arcade's 1st Birthday!!

The Handmade Arcade 1st Birthday is in just one week! Woohoo! We're getting busy decorating the arcade and planning a great little gathering!

We thought we'd give you a little run down of who you can expect to find within McCoys Arcade on the 6th April! The arcade will be open from 10-5pm within you will find so many great independent shops, a cafe and some mighty fine music as well as all of these guys....

Sarah Macdonald! - Maker of retro art, badges, as well as nice things for your house - Sarah's paintings can be found on old vinyl, clocks and cards Sarah can even come and transform a wall in your house into a brilliant mural!

The Spirit Forge! - Handmade Arcade regulars, spirit Forge are makers of extraordinary objects with Wiccan origins - find forest elves and sacred scripts amongst their hand sculpted gems!

You can also find some brilliantly decorated skulls - the handiwork of Barry John!

Ruvina! maker of unique brooches hand crafted from re-cycled indian silks, felted wool in indulgent rich colours and textures!

Helena Coard and Nic Farrel! - Brilliant printmakers, illustrating duo Helena and Nic will be showing off a wide and whimsical range of prints, cards and totes!

Ollie Jillings! with a penchant for vintage mischief Ollie's cards, books and prints bring the past to future eyes ears and minds - mixing eras, bending tales and winding stories of wonder! He's keeping his hand-made hero's under wraps until the big day :)

Common Goals! Art, music, tees and charity should all go together, buy an awesome organic band designed tee from NGNG's sister project and ALL profit goes straight to charity! watch out for new designs available Saturday!

Gingerface! maker of colourful jewellery, distinctively styled and imaginative affordable pieces - 

Exeter Local Records - Championing the areas talented musicians Exeter Local Records are sellers of vinyl, tapes, CD's and merch! 

Little Owl Crafts! - hand-dyed colourful wool spun by hand into balls of super soft yarn!

And of course the wonderful Autumn Jitters! wonderful nature inspired printed things!

See you on the 6th for a celebration of locally made indie arts!

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