Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Arcade Strikes Back!

No Guts No GloryOMG ComicsAmbition Is Pitiful and a bunch of indie makers, illustrators and printers got together in McCoys Arcade this weekend for an awesome celebration of Handmade Arcade's - MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!

Our decorations were looking pretty awesome (we haven't actually had the heart to take them down just yet!), McCoy's Cafe became the Death Star Canteen with an impressive array of galactic treats. And the Handmade Arcade Storm Traders had obviously been busy creating the most incredible Star Wars themed arts.

The day was busy from the get go, and some excellent sounds from Exeter based Mad Mash made for an incredible atmosphere - thanks so much if you took the time to be join us - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Here are a whole heap of photos we took on a day that was all things Star Wars... as always please do get in touch if there's anything you want to get your hands on :) 

Sooooo many animal friendly cakes!

NGNG's sister project Common Goals with some awesome tees for charity..

Sarah Mcdonald's Star Wars clocks, badges and cards were snapped up by Star Wars fans!

NGNG illustrator Philip Harris and his incredible work! He made some brilliant Greedo prints for the day which you'll now find in the NGNG shop.

Obi Wan...

Regular Handmade Arcader Ruvina came along and painted some faces for the day!

The brilliant Donya Todd and BIMBA COMICS!! Donya is also the maker of some pretty awesome earrings, she hopped up to Devon with....

NGNG artist Jack Teagle from Newquay with a selection of awesome prints, zines and original works!

Screenprints of the May the fourth be with you poster by Swansea based Foreign Eye now also available in the NGNG shop!

Jack Kirtley from Foreign Eye decided it was a good idea to drive down from Swansea at 4am, I think the following things are pretty relevant to his journey....

Ambition Is Pitiful's Rhys and Leah came to stay with us for the weekend, and chat about screenprinting and the like! Rhys makes some pretty cool tee's prints and mugs you can find in their online shop..

The vegan Star Wars cakes were Chewie....?!

The Spirit Forge got stuck into the Star Wars theme!

Star Wars Top Trumps!

 For some though, it was just an excuse to be a tiger...

Mad Mash trio came along to play their own versions of rock-a-billy tunes!

Exeter Local Records' Tom Matthews showing off the latest additions to the distro, which is always filled with new music from local bands...

Madeline Bunyan has been busy in her studio cooking up some new glass designs - in the form of flowers cats and foxes - she's a very clever little lady!

These gorgeous scrabble tiles were made by Gill Hopkins, they are each individually decoupaged and varnished to be strung onto chains! Such a great idea!

Darth decided to pay us a visit.  He was in the market for a new look - a No Guts No Glory t-shirt seemed a good place to start...

Little Owl Crafts and her great spinning skills - rumour has it it's not just sheep she keeps on the farm!

Eva who hails from France but now lives in the city, has been printing at the Double Elephant print studio and had some interesting images of birds and all sorts of things! She's raising money so she can buy more art materials and continue to make things!

Thanks to Hepzibah for bringing her brilliant illustrations on postcards and prints! Check out her Darth Mouse...

The next Handmade Arcade is on Saturday 1st June! Hope to see you there!

Check out what else we've been squirrelling away at in the No Guts No Glory shop on our other blog!

May the force be with you,

Hayles and Nath x

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  1. Wow - looks like it was a fab day! Sorry I missed this one - but see you next time :) x