Monday, 14 May 2012

Butterscotch Flavoured Sunday & The Making Of A Movie Night......

We're "Lazing on a sunny afternoon".... (well almost)

The sun is beaming down onto a secluded back garden on Fore Street, the aroma of freshly risen cakes mixes with the sound of The Kinks records fittingly cutting through the (almost) summery air. For some people this is just another Sunday.... for us this is no ordinary Sunday afternoon.. oh no no.... this little hive of activity is just the beginning of preparations for the first ever Butterscotch Sunday pop-up cinema event. A charity film night with a difference, showing not one - but two magnificent Wes Anderson films - "Rushmore" and "The Royal Tenenbaums".

Two films which I could watch over and over finding yet more hues of bursting colour, symmetry and synchronicity between the lines...

Of course we had to make some things for the day..... it was almost impossible not to..

"I always wanted to be a Tenenbaum" 

The ideas and designs for the badges came from the marvelous mind of Guy Millon, with some great lines from the movies....

Badges had been cut by lazer and the help of Benjamin Wright, the Plymouth based creative and the maker of the very wonderful No Guts No Glory till. If you have been to the shop of late you will know what I mean, if you haven't then you should! It really is a glorious object and the shop isn't half bad either! The badges were then handpainted by Guy and his vision was complete with "perfect attendance", "Punctuality award", Tenenbaum flag and Greenline bus badges all in glorious colours.

Limited Edition Zines with detailed psychoanalysis of the movies and genius Ink Blot tests were stapled together on a trestle table in the sunshine. The zines also featured a pull out centrefold, with prints from Tim Doyle whose work on Wes Anderson movies satisfies and captures the saturated colours and humour of scenes within these epic movies.

If you missed your chance to get your hands on these items and feel you need these in your life please pop into the NGNG shop and pick one up!

"I should probably be trying harder to score chicks" ...

Made in the style of Max Fisher - our sandwich offerings couldn't really be anything other then Tuna Cucumber and Peanut Butter & Jelly - we threw in a home made Limey Guacamole & Tomato number for good measure and had a lot of fun wrapping them in individual brown paper and string packages... perfect for a journey on the Greenline Bus.

As alway's I couldn't resist the oppurtunity to whip up a fresh and tasty batch of vegan chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! I'm currently working on a recipe zine called "Cooking Approximately" which should (hopefully) be cooked up by the next Handmade Arcade on the 2nd June! featuring Guys "Barracuda Tuna Sandwiches" as well as his delicious "Ice Cream Sundae Cupcake which were both available on the night" mmmm hmmmm!

The main star of Butterscotch Sunday had to be the Butterscotch popcorn - which has recently become breakfast, lunch and dinner at our house. It's impossible to make too much of this. We whipped up a batch and watched as the buttery goodness melted into divine vanillary fragrances. Guy also found a very fitting frame to house his badges and we were almost set to leave, carting our old suitcases and frames to the wonderfully retro Bike Shed Theatre for a night of deliciousness and incomparable entertainment!

"Too many extracurricular activities Max, Not enough studying"...

Taking on the spirit of Max Fischer we endeavoured to create the "Hit Play" we had always dreamed of..

The scene was set, we had had times of laughter and times of silence, even some last minute swearing as we stumbled up the hill looking like we were migrating or set to take a trip to pastures new on the good old Greenline Bus with our treasured possessions - which consisted of mainly popcorn and cupcakes. As we arrived at the intimate Bike Shed Theatre we realised just how perfect a setting it is...  someone was bopping happily to the brilliantly composed soundtrack (made by Guy) and people were gathering. The stall looked pretty swell....

Some snaps of a very proud Guy and myself manning the Box Office for Butterscotch Sunday with the selection of hand-made, home-cooked and very affordable treats we put together that sunny afternoon! 

"Also, you'll find a pair of safety goggles and earplugs under your seats, please feel free to use them"...

People were flooding in to see not one but TWO.. that's right people TWO awesome movies -  with an adequate break in between of course to refuel and have a little stretch and some hearty discussion about the films over drinks and nibbles.

What better way to spend a Sunday evening then with the company of some good friends, great music, Max Fischer and co. and of course The Tenenbaums.

Well done to the magnanimous Mister Guy Millon for bringing a wonderful Butterscotch flavour to our sundays! Raising money for local charity "The Quiet Mind Centre" which offers a selection of holistic treatments for people on low income benefits. I'm looking forward to see what the next one will bring and in the true spirit of Rushmore I'm going for the "perfect attendance award"

Many thanks to the Bike Shed Theatre for letting us use their beautiful space and Nathan Blaker for being a dab hand when it comes to the technical side of things!

Also thanks to all the lovely people of the Fore Street Collective, Willow for selecting one of her fantastic vintage frocks for me at Relevant by Lady Lace .

I'll be announcing June's selection of brilliant Handmade Arcaders in my next post! Stay tuned...

Hayles xx

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