Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Common Goals launches at the next Handmade Arcade!

As if you need any other reason to stroll on down Fore Street this Saturday......

come see us in the treasure trove that is Handmade Arcade, we have yet another exciting venture to announce!

This Saturday will see the first ever appearance of Common Goals, No Guts No Glory’s sister project!
A not-for-profit charity venture created by Jack Hyde and Nathan Blaker right here in Exeter, Common Goals aims to raise awareness and funds for a range of charities by utilising the closeness and unity of the UK punk rock community. Through common love of music, art and a DIY ethos, the project works with bands in the UK that create an exclusive (and awesome) design for Common Goals which then gets screen-printed onto organic T-shirts, the tees will be available online and at selected shows around the UK as well as here – at Handmade Arcade this very Saturday!

Money made from the sale of these very special organic tees will be given to that band’s selected charitable cause!

Common Goals first batch of screen-printed tee’s have been designed by The Arteries whose chosen charity Mumbles Lifeboat Station is based in their home town of Swansea! 
Great Cynics provided Common Goals with this brilliant design and aims to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

The Common Goals logo was too good to stay on paper... so they made it into a tee! All sales from the Common Goals logo tee will go towards working with new bands on new awesome common goals projects!

For more details of how Common Goals works see their blog here, or pop down to Handmade Arcade and grab yourself a tee – before they even go on sale online on the 9th June!
Common Goals will also be making an appearance at the Caverns Punk Rock all-dayer on Bank Holiday Monday 4th, we’ll be there too with the No Guts No Glory Zine Distro!

So excited for Saturday!

See you there



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