Friday, 1 June 2012

The Quixotic Press Comes to Handmade Arcade!

Wow, this really is the month for new beginnings! As well as Handmade Arcade providing the launching pad for eagerly anticipated Common Goals project this weekend, we're also delighted to say that Exeter's newest Zine will be having a stall for the day, too!

The Quixotic Press launched this week in Exeter, and we're so excited to see what's inside the covers of their very first Zine! You can expect to find it filled with work by local artists such as the great Partick Cullum (who already had tho Handmade Arcade's to his name), Olivia Croce, Rory Cunningham, Sadie Moisan, George Murphy, Chloe Uden and Naomi Ziewe Palmer!

Chloe Uden, curator of The Quixotic Press says, "The zine is a platform for artists to club together and introduce people to their work. It is an optimistic and playful place for people to show what they're thinking about and working on and you never know, some of the artists involved might even get some paid work out of it eventually!" 

It's so amazing to see people getting together to work on mutual ideas and projects, and it really feels like the artistic and creative community in Exeter is growing so quickly these days! 

Come and celebrate this very fact with us tomorrow in McCoys Arcade!

Hayley is currently at home making her delicious Vegan Cupcakes, so this post was left for me to write!

Ok, back to the fun of folding 100 Common Goals zines for tomorrows launch and letting my excitement brew while Bruce Springsteen sings me some tunes!

See you on the morrow,


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